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Generally speaking, we are dealing with investments (mainly in the area of fixed-income market, real estate, stock market and venture businesses) in partnerships. The geography of our expertise is predominantly Europe as well as US. We are extremely cautious (investment-wise) with Asia and other markets we don’t fully understand. We base our investment strategy exclusively on investment analysis and we do not use technical analysis. We neither use flipping the coin analisys nor help of fortune tellers.

Nowadays the compliance procedures are very strict so due to internal policy and laws, the full details on our investments and track record are either disclosed to the existing partners in reports or presented after we understand that the prospective partner falls into the category we can and we are willing to make business with. We never do business with sanctioned persons or persons from sanctioned countries.
According to the applicable laws and regulations we are doing the following:

2.1 The purpose of Dobro Capital S.à r.l. is to act as general partner and/or manager of one or more limited partnerships governed by Luxembourg law or otherwise, with or without a legal personality and in any form whatsoever, as well as the holding of participations, in any form whatsoever, in Luxembourg and foreign companies or other companies, the acquisition by purchase, subscription or any otherwise, as well as the transfer by sale, exchange or otherwise of shares, bonds, debt certificates, debentures and other securities of any kind whatsoever, as well as the possession, the administration, development and management of its portfolio. Dobro Capital S.à r.l. may also hold shares in partnerships and conduct its business through branches in Luxembourg or abroad.

2.2 Dobro Capital S.à r.l. may borrow in any form and proceed by way of private placement to issue bonds, convertible or not, and debt certificates and other securities representing loans and/or debts, and to provide guarantees. in this regard.

2.3 Generally, Dobro Capital S.à r.l. may render assistance (by loans, advances, guarantees, sureties or otherwise) to companies or other businesses in which the Company.

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